Why I Decided to Run for Office

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It all started when…

Over the last few years, San Tan Valley has changed – a lot. When we moved to San Tan Valley, the community was struggling to establish an identity and growing rapidly. We lacked funded emergency services like Fire and EMS, had constant issues with Johnson Utilities, our unscrupulous water provider, and didn’t even have the ability to vote to incorporate San Tan Valley and make it a city.

So, I decided to get involved and start fighting for our community. I attended and spoke at a series of town halls, but I saw little change. In fact, at the conclusion of one community meeting to determine whether or not San Tan should incorporate, I was told that if I didn’t like the outcome I should run for office: so my wife Gina promptly stood up and shouted “we will”.

Throughout my experiences in our community, I’ve learned so much about myself, our neighborhoods, and what the people of our district want in a leader. Legislative District 16 is diverse and covers two separate counties, so what may work for families in Mesa may mean something different for a small business owner in Queen Creek.

I am running to protect our Conservative values, stand up for families, work with law enforcement to secure our border, and provide a great economic environment for Arizona businesses. As a Realtor, I’ve traveled throughout the district and I believe we can provide opportunity and protection for every single American citizen living in the district.


I hope I can count on your support and I look forward to earning your vote to be the next State Representative for District 16.