About Big Mike

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”
— Benjamin Franklin


Born and raised in Texas, Mike moved to San Tan to start his business in more than a decade ago. Mike and his wife Gina met in Arizona and were married in 2011. Mike is a small business owner, selling residential real estate as a licensed REALTOR, and Gina is a CT technician at a local Hospital. Both Mike and Gina have been very active in the community and are passionate about providing resources to families, neighborhoods, and businesses.

They are proudly raising their English Bulldog, Sir Winston Churchill, who enjoys chewing on furniture, rolling in the grass, and is generally quite a character.

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What has big mike Achieved?

  • Mike has been a Senior level manager with two different Fortune 100 companies

  • Mike has been involved with the local real estate board SEVRAR. He has sat on several different committees as well as chair and vice chair

  • Mike has been involved locally in the San Tan Valley Chamber and the Pinal County Chamber of Commerce

  • Mike has worked with different charity organizations like the American Sheriff Foundation. Last year they raised $6,000 for families in need last holiday season.

  • Mike is a job creator. He currently runs a real estate team with an office in Queen Creek. His team will sell over 20 million dollars worth of residential real estate in 2019.